There are attorneys out there who talk big and do nothing, but Kirsch Leach & Associates do so much more!  They not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. You cannot go wrong with them.  They are also MMMP friendly and, God knows good representation is necessary, so go with the best that has a proven track record.
Cyndi Huntley

Bruce Leach is an amazing attorney! Always calm, cool, and collected, making your legal situation suck a little less! I would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with medical marijuana legal matters; he’s not just an attorney, but an advocate with a passion!

Autumn Tucker

Attorney Lauren Askew is a wonderful lawyer. She takes time to listen to others and works hard to fight for them. She’s professional, kind and knowledgeable. I would refer her to anyone because of her honesty and her willingness to help.

Geetha Achary

Mani Khavajian is a great addition to Kirsch Leach + Associates and more than capable attorney. He will fight for your rights.

Parvine Boji